Day 13: Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Famous Buckingham Memorial Fountain. On summer evenings, the fountain gives an impressive water, light, and music display.

Christina standing in Grant Park with the Sears Tower in the background.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel, where Christina attended first grade.

It was a beautiful school....
The school office building

Lincoln Park Zoo

One of the US's last free zoos. Our parents used to take us here all the time.

Lincoln Park

In front of the Conservatory, which has one of the world's best horticultural collections.

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We paid $5 for the picture, but when it printed out, it was all streaky and seemed like it was printed on fax paper, so we quickly took a screenshot!

There was a picture booth there, so we decided to take a souvenir picture.

McCormick Place, seen from Lake Shore Drive...
The Drake Hotel, seen in the movie, "Mission Impossible."
Dinner with Michelle and Mick.
We got the office boy to let us into the school courtyard to see some of the old classrooms and playground. We also visited the convent and found out that my first grade teacher, Ms. Chappetti (who must've been in her 70's when I was in her class) was still alive!
And we have a nice close-up...
Practice shot...