Day 13: Tuesday, August 13, 2002

That's where we used to live when my dad was a resident at Illinois-Masonic.

We spent the night at Michelle's place and had a little time to chat and catch up with her.

In the morning, we set out to see the Phams' familiar haunts.

And this is the playground behind our building where we used to play.

Familiar street signs....

This is where my dad worked.
And this is where we lived - right across the street from the hospital.

We convinced a resident to let us into the building... we could check to see if our family had gotten any mail since we'd left.

This was my mom's and aunt's furniture stake-out window.

We all (mom, dad, aunt, sister, cousin, and me) lived in a teeny apartment on the first floor. I went to first and second grade there, but Annie and Kimmie were too young to go to school, so they stayed home and watched daytime soaps.

Good times, good times...

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This is the school that the playground belonged to.

Lobby still looks the same, with the same 70's portrait of Dr. Warren Barr...

And here's our little apartment.

We used to have these Indian neighbors who used to give us the most yummy treats.

Wait for the elevator? Or take the stairs...?
The front of the hospital...
I used to attend this Catholic school right near our building, but Johannes and I were having the hardest time finding it, so I called home and asked my mom for the exact location of the school.
When I arrived at said location (corner of Wellington and Dayton), I found that the school was no longer there, and a parking structure had been built in its place.
That's the parking structure (standing on Nelson St. looking at Dayton St.).
Was this apartment complex there when we lived here? (corner of Nelson and Dayton)
Sign on Wellington St. near the corner of Dayton.
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