Day 12: Monday, August 12, 2002

Since we couldn't buy fireworks in neither CA nor MA, we decided to buy some in Wisconsin!

Monday was a long day of driving from Minnesota, through Wisconson, into Illinois.

Here, we're crossing Mark Twain's legendary Mississippi River.

We ran into a huge traffic jam, which set us back a good hour or two.

We ran into another huge storm, and this time Johannes was driving, so I tried to take some lightning photos. I was ecstatic when I got this one...

Chicken dumplings, fried okra, and sweet carrots every time....
...but then, about 2 minutes later, I got this one! What are the chances?

Throughout the road trip, one of our favorite roadside stops was Cracker Barrel, where we could play games and eat good southern cooking.

It also had a purchase and return policy for books on CD, which de facto meant that you could borrow a CD book for $3. So we got a mystery murder to listen to on the road.

We would always have contests to see who could figure these bar puzzles out first.
We made it to Illinois! Christina's family used to live in Chicago when her father was doing his residency. Last time she was here, she was 8 years old.
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