Day 11: Sunday Morning, August 11, 2002

In case you ever go to Mount Rushmore, don't pay the $8 to park up top. Parking is free in the lower parking lot and guests only have to climb up a set of stairs to get to the main Grand View Terrace. The situation is rather silly because people who park up top end up coming down the stairs anyway since the scupltor's museum is right by the lower parking lot.

Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota

From a distance, the pine-covered hills look black - hence, the name.

Big Sky Motel, Rapid City, SD

Definitely the most questionable place we stayed at. It was a motel way off the main road, right next to a cemetery, whose staff left at 11 pm. I only found out the next day that: the door to our room was open when we got there, the lock didn't work properly, the window was cracked open when Johannes got up in the middle of the night to check, and that he only slept 2 hours because he was up keeping sentinel to protect me in case someone tried to break in!! Settling in to his husbandly duties already...

Mount Rushmore, SD

Plaster mask for Lincoln's face in the Sculptor's Studio.

The artist in charge of this project was Gutzon Borglum. Borglum's choice for Roosevelt as the fourth president on the monument came under heavy criticism from historians and academics of the time. However, a close friend of Teddy's, Borglum argued successfully that Teddy embodied the American spirit in his progressive causes of conservation and business reform. (And anyway, the artist creates the monument!)

We tried to time the pictures so that we could get the sun on the presidents' faces, but somehow it never worked out...
Yes, even neuroanatomy made it to Mount Rushmore (first year HMS students have a contest to see how far away from Boston the book can go during the summer).
The official picture: Johannes and Christina at Mount Rushmore.
We were up at Grand View Terrace and asked someone to take a picture of us with the Monument. This is what we got.
After two more tries with different tourists, we finally ended up setting the picture up on the tripod.

Avenue of Flags

This was a display of the 56 state, territory, commonwealth, and district flags of the US. Each flag is inscribed with the year the region was admitted into the union.

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