Day 10: Saturday, August 10, 2002

Ten Sleep, WY

For lunch, we stopped at the cutest town called Ten Sleep. It was the epitome of the sleepy, cowboy Western town (Wyoming was at one point in our nation's history considered the "Wild West").

See the "Welcome Bikers" sign? And that's our car to the right.

We drove through the Black Hills that lie between Wyoming and South Dakota...

Sierra Trading Post Outlet
Cody, WY

Today was an all-time low. We woke up at 12 pm and didn't check out until 1.

We were going to go straight to Devil's Tower, a planned stop, but Johannes loves Sierra Trading Post, so we made a not-so-quick-stop.

...and ran into an uncanny number of motorcycle riders. Only later did we find out that we were in the midst of "motocycle land" because the world famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally had taken place that week in Sturgis, SD.

Yup, it really was called "Dirty Sally's." The unique thing you could get in this region was chokeberry syrup or preserves, so we bought some for Michelle, a friend we stayed with in Chicago.

Picture op by the roadside

Big Horn National Forest, WY

The forest was named after the large herds of bighorn sheep that grazed the river running through this forest.

The evergreens you see are lodgepole pines.
We didn't get to explore much of the forest, but the area did offer a fabulous scenic drive. (We were a little preoccupied with getting to Devil's Tower before the sun went down.)
Took this picture to commemorate the fact that I almost got a speeding ticket in a little Wyoming town for going 45 mph in a 30 mph zone. (This was a large, main stretch of road that happened to run through a tiny town so their "30 mph-stretch" lasted for about a block.) Luckily, I ended up getting out of the situation with a warming. (Phew!)
We made it to Devil's Tower! (five minutes before the sun set) We had to increase the exposure on this picture since it was pretty much dark by then.
We ended up buying a book about the monument so we could learn about it as we drove away...
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