Day 7: Wednesday, August 7, 2002

We made it to Grand Teton by the afternoon. It was a beautiful day, as the sun was setting in the west.

We had the best burgers at Billy's in downtown Jackson Hole. The key ingredient was their sweet, grilled purple onions.

We started the day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Their downtown area was just like an old country western town.

Last time Christina was here was for her senior year high school ski trip eight years ago.

We went to Teton Village, between Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park, to check out the half-price sales on ski equipment. Skiing is one of Johannes' favorite sports.

Johannes and the car with the Teton range in the background.

See the white ribbons from the wedding on the side mirrors? We used to have a "Just Married" sign that Annie, Christina's sister, made for us, but it died in the a rainstorm in Washington.

Big sky Wyoming
A beautiful, serene valley in the park where elk and moose usually roam.
One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Teton Range is the jagged razor edges of the mountains you see to the left. One reason for this is that it is North America's youngest mountain range, rising from the earth's crust between 2 and 13 million years ago. Therefore, they have been subject to less erosional forces than other, older ranges. Another reason is that they are made of very hard granite, instead of
This deer stopped munching on its grasses to give us a nod hello.
Sunset behind the
Teton Range
Wood fence by the roadside
We arrived in Yellowstone long after the sun had gone down.
softer sedimentary rock, which can easily be eroded. Lastly, they have been sculpted by the movement of glaciers, which create dramatic grooves and steep canyons.
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