Day 3: Saturday, August 3, 2002

The pictures below were taken in the natural sunlight streaming through the forest canopy.
After leaving Trinidad, we drove to Redwood National Park and spent the day there.
Trinidad's Memorial Lighthouse
At lunch at Rolf's, a fabulous German restaurant where Johannes ordered wienerschnitzel to honor his German heritage. Christina got a fried oyster and bacon omlette.
In the elk meadows at Redwood Nat'l Park.
Our second evening was spent at a little bed and breakfast in a northern California coastal town called Trinidad where the population is 311. Christina's family stayed in the very same bed and breakfast 10 years ago while on vacation.
Left: The sign for Corkscrew Tree was all the way at the beginning of the trail instead of in front of the tree itself.
Right: Can you see how the tree twists and corkscrews around itself? And can you see us there at the base of the tree? (Christina is wearing a white shirt and Johannes a navy shirt.)

Rocky California coast near the Oregon border

Crossing over into Oregon
There were forest fires in the Northwest when we were there and they had just opened these roads up for travel again. The smoke was so thick, it was like heavy fog. We drove through this for over an hour, so everything in our car smelled like smoke afterward.
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